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June 23, 2022  

Entrepreneurial Hobby Turned Career with Aryeh Sheinbein

Aryeh Sheinbein is a finance professional that has a lot to share about investment strategies and frameworks for creating generational wealth. He works at providing valuation advisory services to private equity, hedge funds, and business development companies. 

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Aryeh's podcast: Inside the Lion's Den


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June 16, 2022  

From Car Parts to Salon Suites with Jason Olsen

Jason Olsen is the President and Founder of Image Studios, a salon suite brand. Jason wanted to bring the concept of salon suites to a higher level with great design and an overall vision to the space. He discusses how Image Studios provides the business tools for beauty entrepreneurs.

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June 9, 2022  

Transitioning to Franchisee with Brandon Beachy

Brandon Beachy is a Koala Insulation franchise owner - the top performing in the brand. Brandon explains what led him from playing in the MLB with the Atlanta Braves to owning a franchise business as well as becoming a franchise consultant. Franchising has proved to be a great fit for Brandon, his family, and the future they desired. 


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June 2, 2022  

Freedom To Serve with Erik Van Horne

From franchisee to regional developer, and investor to consultant, Erik has worn many hats over the last two decades. His diverse experience has provided him unique insight into the challenging aspects of the industry. 


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May 26, 2022  

Shift Happens with Ira Wolfe

Ira Wolfe is the founder of Success Performance Solutions, a published author, and  podcast host of Geeks, Geezers, and Googlization, among many other things. He focuses the importance of having adaptability mindset in a world that's ever-changing and being able to think on your feet.


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May 19, 2022  

Look Your Best & Feel Your Best with 4Ever Young

4Ever Young was founded 8 years ago by Carlton Washington and Deniz Duygulu. This franchise opportunity combines wellness and med spa components to personalize a proactive approach to each of their clients' health.

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April 7, 2022  

The Best of Both Worlds with Kurtis Kammerer

Most entrepreneurs see an open door in the marketplace and move quickly to fill the gap. For the founders of Hello Garage it was closed doors – hundreds of thousands of garage doors closed in shame around the country – that inspired the launch of this innovative and growing garage renovation franchise.


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March 31, 2022  

Enrichment Through Youth Sports with David Pazgan

David Pazgan is the president of Kidokinetics, a mobile sports and fitness business that teaches children life skills through a unique curriculum. Learn the profound impact these physical enrichment programs have on kids, teachers, parents, and schools a like.


Check out David's first podcast episode here

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March 10, 2022  

Getting LIMED with Nick Lopez Pt 2

At the age of 19, Nick founded his first painting LLC, and every summer thereafter he painted homes to help pay for college. A few years later, he created, developed, and perfected a game-changing business model for consistently delivering exceptionally high-quality home improvement services. Tune in to hear how it grew into the niche franchise brand it is today.

Check out the initial conversation with Nick from spring of 2021 here.

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March 3, 2022  

Advice for Business Buyers with Michael Reeder

Michael Reeder is an entrepreneurial CPA, helping business buyers with the financial aspects of franchise ownership. His consultations go beyond the typical work of a CPA, providing specific knowledgebase for franchisors, bookkeeping tips, and tax strategies.


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